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2014 - present: Creative Director: The 48 HR Detroit Art Babe—Detroit, USA

2020   Black Arts Library: The 48 HR Complex—Highland Park, USA

2018   Hidden Gate Gallery: The 48HR—Detroit, USA

2017   TYP Gallery: The 48HR—Birmingham, USA

2014   The First 48 HR: Junction Hall—Detroit, USA


2021 - present: Studio Manager, Modern Ancient Brown—Detroit, USA

2016 - 2019 Studio Assistant, Tiff Massey—Detroit, USA


2020   Modern Ancient Brown Grantee
2017   Community Connection Skillman Foundation Grantee

2014   Knight Foundation Grantee


2021   Modern Ancient Brown Resident

2015   Red Bull House of Art Resident

2014   Heidelberg Project Art Resident


2023   Northwest Gallery (forthcoming, July)—Detroit, USA

2022   Vivo Agora: Diasporic Artists Foundation, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

       Mapping the Interior, M Contemporary Gallery, Ferndale, USA

       Michael Jesus Christ, M Contemporary Gallery, Ferndale, USA


2021   Dual Visions: Museum of Contemporary Art, Detroit (MOCAD)

       Family Matters Ep 2. Installation: Detroit Artist Market, Detroit, USA

       The In Between: The Carr Center—Group Exhibition, Detroit, USA

2020   Family Matters Ep 1. Installation: 48HR Artist Complex, Detroit, USA Art Mile: Group Exhibition/48HR Feature—Detroit, USA

2019   Family Matters Pilot Ep. Installation: Shylo Arts, Detroit, USA Useless Utility: Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit

       (MOCAD)—Group Exhibition, Detroit USA

2018   Murals in the Market—Group Exhibition, Detroit, USA


2017   King of Broken Hearts: Detroit is the New Black, Detroit, USA

2015   Cycle 11: Red Bull House of Art—Group Exhibition, Detroit, USA

       Politics as Usual: Baltimore Gallery, Detroit, USA

2015   Ink Art Show: Tangent Gallery— Group Exhibition, Detroit, USA

2014   The Purge: Pooti Hab Gallery/Heidelberg Project, Detroit, USA

       Highcoup: Elee Mosynary Gallery—Group Exhibition, Chicago, USA

       Rock City Art House: Untitled Bottega—Group Exhibition, Detroit, USA

       Under1roof—Group Exhibition, New York City, USA

       MURAL: “I Love You Osborn”—Knight Foundation Grant, USA

2013   Residue: Scharolette Chappelle Fine Art Studio—Group Exhibition, Oak Park, USA


2023   Hyperallergic, 29 March 2023. What’s Iconoclastic About a BlackfaceMadonna?


2022   Essay’d: Detroit Art & Detroit Artists, 20 December 2022. Tony Rave


2022   M Contemporary Art, 9 September to 8 October 2022. Tony Rave: Micheal Jesus Christ


2022   Detroit Metro Times, 21 September 2022. Try not to get offended if you attend Tony Rave’s ‘Michael Jesus Crisis’ exhibit in                  Ferndale: The Detroit artist paints Jesus Christ and angels in blackface, but there’s more to question underneath the surface


2021   The Carr Center, 4 June 2021. The In Between: A Conversation with Mariam Ezzat and Tony Rave


2021   Mutual Art, 1 February 2021. Black Art Library is a resource of rare publications highlighting the work of Black artists


2021   The Art Newspaper, 5 January 2021. Paying it forward: McArthur Binion is using his later-in-life success to help younger artists


2020   AMAR Media, 2020: The 48 Hour Experience

2019   WDET 101.9fm, 15 November 2019. In an Old Synagogue: Detroit Artist Tony Rave Brings "Family Matters" to life


2019   Documentary directed by Jeremy Brockman, 2019. Family Matters: An Art Installation by Tony Rave


2018   The Creative Armory. 18 October 2018. Tony Rave on His Work and Helping Fellow Creatives


2017   Detroit Channel 21, 2 November 2017. The Reason Why: Tony Rave


2016   Cranbrook Art Museum, 5 August 2016. The Truth Booth at the “For the Love of Osborn” Neighborhood Parade

2016   Detroit Public TV, 14 August 2016. A Day of Heart / Welcome to Osborn | American Black Journal Full Episode

2016   AMAR Media, August 2016. The Osborn Mural


2016   AP NEWS, 7 July 2016: Museum Promotes Detroit Neighborhood as Arts Destination


2015   BLAC Detroit, 4 June 2015. Detroit Artist Tony Rave on Politics as Usual Exhibition

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